Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry people, I know I am really delinquent as my fellow blogger, Angela Braden has pointed out. Since beginning to come out of the dark, it seems that my life has turned into another direction. I am now busy as hell. I turned that corner when I went to my ministry's last weekend retreat for the year. I am involved in a Ministry called YOUTH 2000, which basically is a weekend to introduce young people to the richness of their Catholic faith and allow them to have a deep, personal experience with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The weekend was small in terms of attendance but awesome. The best part of the weekend was seeing for the first time, that there were more young men therethan young women. It was very rewarding even though this time I went as a participant and not as a team member. I also was deeply touched by Jesus' healing presence in the Eucharist as He dealtwith some deep issues in my life. Then in between a whirlwind of Christmas preparations (which I am still in the middle of), I went to another experience the Theology of the Body conference hosted by my archdiocese. We had the distinct pleasure of being ministered to by Christopher West himself for the entire weekend. It was an intense wekeend in which we laughed, cried and really got to know the depths of our meaning and that as human beings, we were built for love. There were many aha!!moments too, some of which I plan to share at a future date. So I have been busy guys, please forgive me. The Christmas bug has hit in full swing along with my re-entry into the land of the living......Hallelujah!!